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Online Bible


Psalms 56:1-13


  • A prayer when persecuted

    • “In God I put my trust” (4)

    • “My tears in your skin bottle” (8)

    • “What can a mere human do to me?” (4, 11)

To the director; set to “The Silent Dove That Is Far Away.” Of David. Mik′tam.* When the Phi·lis′tines captured him in Gath.+
56  Show me favor, O God, because mortal man is attacking* me. All day long they keep fighting and oppressing me.
  My foes keep snapping at me all day long; Many arrogantly fight against me.
  When I am afraid,+ I put my trust in you.+
  In God—whose word I praise— In God I put my trust; I am not afraid. What can mere man* do to me?+
  All day long they hurt my interests; Their only thought is to harm me.+
  They conceal themselves to attack; They watch my every step,+ Hoping to take away my life.*+
  Reject them because of their wickedness. Bring down the nations in your anger, O God.+
  You keep track of my wandering.+ Do collect my tears in your skin bottle.+ Are they not recorded in your book?+
  My enemies will retreat on the day that I call for help.+ Of this I am confident: God is on my side.+
10  In God—whose word I praise— In Jehovah—whose word I praise—
11  In God I put my trust; I am not afraid.+ What can a mere human do to me?+
12  I am bound by my vows to you, O God;+ I will offer you expressions of thanksgiving.+
13  For you have rescued me* from death+ And prevented my feet from stumbling,+ So that I may walk before God in the light of the living.+


Or “snapping at.”
Lit., “flesh.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “my soul.”