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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Help for the Family

The family can be a haven of love and a refuge from daily stresses. You can make that ideal into a reality for your family by applying practical advice from the Bible.

Note: Some names of persons quoted in the “Couples & Parents” and “Teenagers” sections have been changed.


Couples & Parents

How to Keep Peace With Your Relatives

You can honor your parents without compromising your marriage.

Preparing Teens for Adulthood

Are you raising a teenager? If so, how can you help your child become a responsible adult?


Is Oral Sex Really Sex?

Is a person who has had oral sex still a virgin?

Where Are the Dead? (Part 2)

Is death just a natural part of the cycle of life?


The Qualities of a Good Friend

This activity helps children between the ages of 8 and 12 develop the qualities of a good friend.

Naomi Bible Card

After her husband and sons died, she asked her friends to call her by another name.