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Help for the Family

The family can be a haven of love and a refuge from daily stresses. You can make that ideal into a reality for your family by applying practical advice from the Bible.

Note: Some names of persons quoted in the “Couples & Parents” and “Teenagers” sections have been changed.


Couples & Parents

Managing Money

Family finances are at the root of many arguments. Find out how the Bible can help resolve money issues.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting

Don’t wait for an incident to occur involving your child. Discuss the dangers of sexting with your teenager.


The Ransom—God’s Greatest Gift (Part 2)

How can the death of one man thousands of years ago affect your life today?

How Can I Get Along With My Parents?

Check out five steps that can help eliminate some conflicts and reduce the intensity of ones that do happen.


Ruth Is a Loyal Friend

Although not an Israelite, her loyalty gained God’s favor and brought her an amazing blessing.

Joshua Bible Card

How did Joshua and his army bring down the walls of Jericho? Print this Bible card, and learn more about this fearless Bible character.