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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Help for the Family

The family can be a haven of love and a refuge from daily stresses. You can make that ideal into a reality for your family by applying practical advice from the Bible.

Note: Some names of persons quoted in the “Couples & Parents” and “Teenagers” sections have been changed.


Couples & Parents

Dealing With In-Laws

Do your in-laws constantly interfere? Find out how you can improve the situation and avoid putting stress on your marriage.

How Children Change a Marriage

Learn how Bible principles can help parents adjust to this new phase of life.


How Can I Stop Being So Sad?

Learn what you can do when sadness holds you in its grip.

Why Should I Help Others?

Doing good things for others benefits you in at least two ways. What are they?


Practice Giving!

Help your child learn the value of generosity.

Miriam Bible Card

What musical instrument did Miriam play? Learn more about her by downloading this Bible card.