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Bible Teachings

The Bible offers the best possible advice on life’s most difficult questions. Its value has been proved throughout the centuries. In this section, you’ll find out just how practical the Bible really is.—2 Timothy 3:16, 17.

Featured Articles

What Is the Battle of Armageddon?

The word Armageddon appears only once in the Bible, but the battle it refers to is discussed throughout the Scriptures.

Can the Bible Help Me if I’m Depressed?

There are three things God gives generously to help with feelings of depression.

Will the Dead Live Again?

If the dead will be raised up, where will they live?

Help for the Family


How to Forgive

Why can it be so hard to forgive? See how the Bible’s advice can help.


How to Praise Children

One type of praise has proven to be the most effective.


How Can I Do All This Homework?

Do you feel swamped? What will help?


Stealing Is Bad

How does God view stealing? Read Exodus 20:15. Watch the video and learn more with Caleb.

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